Can You Stop Wrinkles and Fine Lines from Forming?

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Our culture places a high priority on maintaining a youthful glow, and praises those who have smooth, even skin, whether it has been obtained naturally by eating well and taking care of themselves or by not-so-natural means, like cosmetic surgery or Botox. Not taking genetics and family history into account, a question most want to know is ‘Can You Stop Wrinkles and Fine Lines from Forming?’ The often-disappointing answer that most don’t like to hear is no. Everyone will at some point develop wrinkles and  fine lines as they age – it is simply a natural part of aging. Wrinkles and fine lines will develop, and will become more evident over time as the strength and elasticity of skin naturally breaks down with age. The good news, however, is that there are things we can do to help slow the aging process down. Eat right – eating a healthy, balanced diet can be an excellent first step to beautiful skin. Taking in the proper nourishment, including omega fatty acids and healthy fats help our bodies run more efficiently, which in turn promotes proper circulation, meaning blood can travel to the skin layers to promote the generation of healthy new skin cells. Drink right – 6-8 glasses of water a day are recommended. Reduce or cut out completely high sugar drinks such as soda and wine. Replace these with herbal tea to provide further benefit to your body. Get a limited amount of sun exposure – sunlight is an important source of vitamin D, so we do need some sun exposure. The problem is that we often get too much sun. The more sun exposure one’s skin has, the faster it will age. Go for a healthy balance – wear protective clothing including hats and sunglasses, and use sufficient amounts of sunscreen that is reapplied regularly. Get plenty of sleep – this may be anecdotal, but many experts say that getting at least 7 hours of quality sleep each night can contribute to having better skin, along with better physical and mental health. Quit smoking – do this not just for the health benefits, but also to reduce the puckering of the lips around a cigarette that lead to those deep lines around the mouth. Quitting smoking will also greatly improve blood circulation, so more of the vital nutrients in blood can reach developing skin cells and promote healthy cell turnover. Reduce stress – stress, anxiety and worry cause us to furrow our browns, frown, and tense up our facial muscles. This can cause lines to quickly develop. By reducing stress, we can reduce the tendency to frown or wrinkle our face with worry, thus saving our facial skin from puckering. Of course, you can also turn to anti-aging skin care products to assist in warding off those pesky lines and wrinkles, but for best results, follow the tips above in addition to using quality skin care products and you’ll be on your way to holding the signs of aging...

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What Causes Wrinkles and How to Help Prevent Them

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Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, although that doesn’t necessarily make them welcome in our lives. The earlier we start to wrinkle, or the more pronounced the wrinkles are, the older we look. We’re quick to seek miracle cures or consider cosmetic surgery, but do we even know how wrinkles develop? Could knowing what causes wrinkles be the key to preventing them in the first place? The dictionary defines a wrinkle as ‘a slight line or fold in something, especially fabric or the skin of the face’. This ridge where the skin is no longer flat is a result of a number of factors, which include genetics, smoking, sun damage, dehydration, and lack of nutrients. The skin is made up of three layers: the epidermis, which is the outermost layer that we can see, the dermis, which is the middle layer, and the subcutaneous layer, which is the innermost layer. Throughout our youth, our skin is plump, firm and has a healthy glow. Over time, our dermis loses collagen, which are proteins that keep cells plump and healthy. It also decreases in elastin, which are fibers that give skin its elasticity. This leads to the thinning of skin, and makes it harder for the body’s moisture to reach the epidermis. The fatty subcutaneous layer also decreases, which means the support structure for skin cells begins to sag and droop. So the innermost layer does not provide support, and the next layer up, the dermis, doesn’t have the ability to stretch and stay taut, so the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis will naturally fall prey to gravity and cave into the area in which there is no support structure. The combination of these factors lead to the development of wrinkles. There are additional factors that lead to the development of wrinkles: Smoking – smoking decreases blood circulation, which reduces the amount of blood that goes to the skin. Sun damage – UV exposure causes inflammation, which is an inability for a cell to function properly. Sun damage is the #1 cause of accelerated skin aging. Repeated sun exposure can lead not only wrinkles, but also sun spots and skin cancer. Poor diet and lack of water – not eating right or drinking enough water won’t allow proper nutrients to get to skin cells, so they are unable to replenish and protect themselves from damaging free radicals. Now that you know what causes wrinkles to form, you can take the steps to eat right, protect yourself from sun exposure and avoid exposure to smoke and other pollutants. Additionally, look for products that moisturize and restore collagen and elastin to help restore the skin from the outside...

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