How Your Skin Changes Throughout The Years

As you age, you’ll notice you go through a number of skin changes. Thankfully, by using natural products and taking care of your skin you can help your skin look radiant, no matter how young or old you are!

The teen years can be some of the most distressing times with skin problems. Hormones can cause skin sensitivity, redness and of course, the thing that teens everywhere worry about, breakouts.  Clear, smooth skin seems to break out overnight and can be the cause of great angst as a teen.
Skin Changes
Moving from the teenage years to the early 20’s most people notice improvements and fewer breakouts. While protection from the sun and moisturizing is still very important during these years, most won’t need specialty products for issues like wrinkles in their 20s.

As you move into your 30’s, you may notice some wrinkles and laugh lines may start to appear. If you’ve had a lot of sun exposure in your youth, sun/age spots may pop up as well.

Hormonal changes due to pregnancy may cause a resurgence of breakouts and more oily skin, with some experiencing rather dry skin after giving birth.

Gravity starts to be more evident in your 40’s and beyond and facial skin can sag, especially around the eyes, jawline and neck. Facial skin becomes thinner as we age as well, and so problems such as wrinkles, age spots, broken blood vessels, etc. seem even more pronounced.

These age-related skin changes aren’t guaranteed, though. For instance, with proper nutrition, hydration and using natural facial care products you can keep your skin looking plump, soft and smooth even longer. Just because you may be a certain age, there’s no reason your skin has to appear aged, and you don’t need to undergo a surgeon’s knife to keep your youthful appearance! The earlier you begin to look after your skin the better condition that it will be later in life.